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Topics selected for the structural engineering community to facilitate a better understanding of the analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and structures towards a sustainable built environment.



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Deep Beam Analysis & Design

Deep beams behavior is not governed by flexure only and considerations of combined shear and flexure need to be addressed to properly analyze and design deep concrete structural members. The Finite Element Methods (FEM) and the Strut &Tie Method (STM) …

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Structural Codes & Standards

Codes and standards are developed to set minimum limits of performance and public safety with common accepted methods for use by engineers to produce buildings and structures with economical results that can be reasonable reviewed and enforced by building officials …

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ACI 318-19 Code Revisions Impact Assessment

ACI Committee 318 has completed the technical work for “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318-19) and Commentary (ACI 318R-19).” The focus of this release was on technical changes to improve safety, economy, and sustainability, while introducing new technologies …

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